Speakers To Talk Before Seminars

freshman seminars are now together to discuss "the approach to youth and the . The series of six Monday meetings began this week as Erickson, professor of Human spoke on the "adolescent .

three of the seminars met to hear guest speakers on topics related to those discussed at regular meetings.

Four seminars are led by Miss . Tax, teaching fellow in General Education, Dr. David L. Gutmann, on Social Relations, Murray in Social Psychology, and .

Scheduled to speak at the next meeting is George W. Goethals, lecturer on Relations, to be followed by Kenneth , lecturer on Social Relations, Everett Hughes, sociologist at University, Dr. Preston K. psychiatrist to the University Services, and David Riesman, Ford II Professor of Social final symposium will round out .

Commenting on the speakers, Miss Tax . "These people were chosen problems, not seek solutions." these men are genuinely with problems of contemporary --and all are verbal.

The value of the seminar is that it perspective," stated Erikson. Erikson suggested a number of concepts identity and the life cycle" which followed up in subsequent Erikson saw the seminar a "very important part of education where "basic" questions may be investigated.

Riesman, who will be the last speaker in the series, feels that the minorities a chance to say they think, while discovering that feel the same way." He stressed "spontaneity" as the key to understanding the "rapidly changing student generation."

administrative advisor for the . Byron Stookey Jr., associate of Advanced Standing, forsees successful seminar series due to speakers and the small number participants in this closed- discussion." Stookey concluded, we have developed a with an interesting and format."