Golf Team Whips Lions, Quakers

Finishing long after the sun had gone down, the varsity golf team edged out Columbia and Penn last Friday by the identical scores of 4-3 on Penn's Ply-mouth Country Club.

At number three, Scan Abrams sustained his unblemished record by winning his Columbia match 3-2 and his Pennsylvania match 1 up on the nineteenth hole. Bruce Johnstone split in the number one slot by defeating Berkman of Columbia 2-1 and losing to Pringle of Penn one down when his drive on eighteen got caught in a tree.

Bob Seelert, the Crimson number seven man, won both of his matches by crushing his Pennsylvania opponent 4-2 and his Columbia man 3-1. But the guts golf of the day was played by Dave Rudnick when he parred the eighteenth to defeat both of his opponents two up after having been told at the eighteenth tee-off that the team score was 3-3 in both matches.

Today the team plays in the 36-hole Greater Boston Tournament, and it has a chance to win if the entire ladder plays up to par.