Dining Room Committee Defends University Food

chairman of the Committee for Kitchens and Dining Rooms maintaining that, contrary to charges of the Lowell House Committee, food about the college is uniformly good.

really isn't that much difference between food prepared in the central and that cooked in independent House kitchens, Mrs. Claude E. Welch . Although many complaints are legitimate, "some Houses just seem to small core of complainers," she said.

biggest problem is that with institutional food it is extremely difficult to everybody," Mrs. Welch stated. Her Committee, which regularly sends to sample the food in each has found that the "general quality of the food is good."

Welch reported that officials have extremely cooperative" in working group. The University is put in a great deal of new in an attempt to improve service, .

Committee consists of 26 men and women including dieticians, restaurant and Harvard mothers who live in Boston. Members submit reports hall conditions, which are then with officials of the dining hall . The group is appointed by .

Last Tuesday's Committee meeting, Atkinson, college dietician, that the great deal of food which waste contributes significantly board rates. If wastage could be the dining halls could afford equivalent of two more roast beef each week, Miss Atkinson said.