Biff Bundie, University Cop, in 'The Circle of Seven'

Chapter 3: The Bronze Rhinoceros

The Story Thus Far: Biff Bundie, University undercover man disguised as graduate student Kevin Stoddard Heath came into possession of a mysterious book bag when he was bumped into by a strange foreign man. As the Bick he opened the bag to find a sinister notebook, a library book ("The Secret Plants of Ancient Egypt"), and a small box containing a hypodermic needle and a white card on which was printed a Roman numeral seven enclosed by a circle. Suddenly Biff discovered he was being watched by a suspicious man who introduced himself as Doctor Drugg. Drugg persuaded Bundie to walk with him to his office for a discussion of urgent matters, and Bundie, forgetting the book bag, left with him. When he realized his blunder he dashed back to the Bick to find that the book bag had been taken by "a little man with snow white hair." Meanwhile, in the midst of a fire in the Chem 20 lab at Mallinckrodt, a mutilated, decapitated body was discovered in a fire blanket cabinet.

Biff Bundie buret into University Police head-quarters only minutes after an hysterical phone call brought news of the hideous discovery in Mallinckrodt. Unaware of what had happened, Biff buttonholed the Chief.

"Chief, I'm on to something big. I found a book bag..."

"Book bag." roared the Chief. "Book bag. There's been a murder, and you dare to babble about a book bag!"

"Murder?" gasped Biff.

"Yes, murder, and I'm on my way to find out about it." With that and an angry glare the Chief strode out of the room accompanied by several policemen. Biff was left alone in the office, bewildered by the confusion he had stumbled into.

"Phone call for Biff Bundie!" came a shout from the outer room.

"I'll take it in here," said Biff, not knowing what to expect next.

"Hello!" he said into the phone. There was no answer.

"Hello!" he repeated.

"Misster Biv Bundig?" questioned an all too familiar voice.

"Yes," replied Biff excitedly.

"Don't talk," said the foreign voice, "chust lissen." It had an urgency about it that only increased Biff's tension.

"Zere hass been a mistake. I must haff mine book bak back."

"Who is this?" demanded Biff, but all he heard in answer was a nervous gasp.