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By Jonathan D. Trobe

The tennis match in New Haven today is only between the second and the third-best in the Ivies. Undefeated Princeton has already wrapped up the title with 14-1 devastations of both Harvard and Yale.

Although both teams display the same 7-1 EITL records, the Crimson gets the edge in the comparative score test: the Eli's barely slipped past Army and Dartmouth 5 to 4, while the same teams lost 9-0 and 8-1 to Harvard.

But Crimson Coach Jack Barnaby is worried. His number one man. Paul Sullivan, has been troubled with a relapse of mono that is slowing up his game. Sullivan goes against Yale's tough Mike Neely in a match the Crimson has to count on.

Further down the ladder, things could also go either way. At two and three for Yale are the ace squash players. Ralph Howe and Bob Hetherington. Their season records show they're just as good at tennis. Howe meets Frank Ripley, the Crimson's stylist from Palm Springs who has been the team's most consistent winner this season. Vic Niederhoffer will try to outplay and "outpsych" Hetherington.

In the remainder of the lineup, it will be Doug Walter (H) against Stu Ludlum; Gary Adelmna against Denny Lynch; Keith Martin against Bob Archer. The doubles combos aren't set yet, but will probably include Sullivan-Ripley against Neely-Hetherington; Neiderhoffer-Bob Inman against Howe-Lynch, and Adelman-John Vinton against Ludlum-Tony Brooks.

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