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The University recently received an A-plus from the American Association of University Professors for offering the highest faculty salary rate in the world. The annual pay roll survey of the AAUP revealed that the average "full-time faculty member" at Harvard receives better than $15,000 for a year's work.

Just below Harvard ("in a class by itself"), the AAUP listed Princeton, Duke, Yale, Amherst, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as other high paying universities.

The AAUP survey also indicated that a substantial raise in faculty salaries has occured in the last year, especially among church-related and teacher's colleges.

At the same time, the AAUP warned that state and municipal universities are in "serious danger of falling behind private institutions in quality unless they improve faculty salaries." The salary levels in many colleges were called "scandalously low," and better than half of the public universities polled were given D's under the Study's grading system. Not a single state university listings.

The most depressed region in the college survey was the South, where salaries lag as much as 20 per cent behind comparable institutions in the rest of the world.

Pointing to the salary gap between private and public institutions, the Association concluded that unless the states provided more resources, many students would be denied "the quality of education available to more affluent members of our society."

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