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By Efrem Sigel

The distribution of football tickets on a class basis through the Houses will be eliminated next year. Students will be admitted directly to the stadium upon presentation of bursar's cards and coupons.

The Undergraduate Athletic Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve this new system. After approval by the Faculty Committee on Athletics--expected before the end of the year--the new method of distribution will go into effect next fall.

Special sections in the stadium will be reserved for students and dates each Saturday, Thomas D. Bolles, Director of Athletics, said. Students need only bring their bursar's cards and the proper coupon to gain admission, but seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. The preference enjoyed by upperclassmen under the present system will be eliminated.

Faster and More Convenient

Bolles said the plan was "an attempt to speed up the process and to make it more convenient for both the students and the Athletic Department."

For the Dartmouth and Yale games, however, the present system will remain in effect next year, and students will have to file ticket applications in advance. Based on past figures, at tendance at these contests is expected to be especially heavy.

The new proposal originated in the Department of Athletics, as a means of making the distribution of tickets easier and more efficient. It was then presented to the Undergraduate Managers Council, which approved it and passed it on to the Athletic Council.

Mark Woodbury III '62, president of the Undergraduate Athletic Council, said there had been very little opposition to the Athletic Department's new plan. He pointed out two advantages: students need not bother with submitting requests in advance, and they will be able to obtain tickets at the last minute.

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