Cambridge and Environs


Carousel Theater (Framingham): telephone CE 9-9180: TR 2-3577.

August 13 to August 18: John Raitt will star in the hit musical "Pajama Game".

August 20 to August 25: "Gypsy" starring Giselle McKensie.

North Shore Music Theater (Beverly): telephone: WA 2-8500.

August 13 to August 18: Rosalind Elias in "Bittersweet".

August 20 to August 25: The Broadway hit "Fanny".

South Shore Music Circus (Cohasset): telephone EV 3-1400.

August 13: "Bye Bye Birdie"

August 20: "The Music Man."

Loeb Drama Center (Cambridge): telephone UN 4-2630.

August 1 to August 11: George Bernard Shaw's "Captain Brass-bound's Conversion" is being performed. All tickets $1.50.

Actor's Playhouse (Boston): telephone CO 6-6839.

Through August 14: "Boubouroche and Other Farces" by Georges Courteline. In the Hotel Bostonian.

Schubert Theater (Boston): telephone HA 6-4520.