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By Elinor Bachrach

May Sarton, a well-known American poet and novelist, read selections from her latest volume of poetry, Cloud, Stone, Sun, Vine, to a large audience in Allston Burr B last Wednesday afternoon. It was last session of the Wednesday soon Poetry Reading Series. Miss Sarton opened her program with "a poem about coming home" called "Aux Saisons aux Chateaux." She explained that she had just returned from a five-month journey to Japan, India, and Greece. Cambridge, where she spent much of her youth, is one of several places which she considers home.

Miss Sarton divided her remaining selections into different groups. The first group contained three poems about animals; "France, a Goose," "A Village Tale," and "The Swans."

Places was the subject of the next group. In "Homage to Flanders" Miss Sarton expressed the feeling she experiences whenever she visits another of her homes-- housed the valuable jewels they had to jimmy and sledge-hammer their way through a steel and concrete lid and two inches of display glass. The burglars also smashed their way into seven other display cases. The whole job must have taken them at least three hours, but they were not discovered during that time by any museum employee.

After fifty specimens of outstanding scientific value were stolen. The most serious loss was an uncut 84 carat diamond, called by Museum experts "the largest and most perfect diamond crystal of its size on exhibit in the world." Most of the stones stolen were not insured, due to their irreplaceable nature which makes insurance premiums prohibitive

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