Liberal Union Accepts Affiliation With ADA; Rejects Ties to SDS

The Harvard-Radcliffe Liberal Union decided last night to become a chapter of the Campus Division of Americans for Democratic Action. At the same time, the Union voted down a proposal that it receipt "associate" status within the Studies for a Democratic Society (SDS). The actions reflected moderate views if a hard anti-communist attitude among RLU members. Of the two national organizations the Union acted upon, SDS the more radical. Many Liberal Union members had objected to an SDS statement, issued this summer. Among other songs, the statement attacked "anti-communist liberals" and painted what some RLU officials considered a naive picture the Soviet Union.

Affliation with Campus ADA means at each HRLU member must join the affiliation group and pay an extra dollar in dues.

The Union also elected a new slate officers for the fall term. They are President, Hendrik Hortsberg '65; vicepresident, Thomas A. Timberg '64, vice-president: secretary Peter W. Rodman and treasurer, Samuel R.l Frieding '64.

This part of its fall program, the membership approved plans for a series of formal dinner seminars in the Houses. A purpose of the seminars, according Marc J. Roberts '64, will be to confront the members of a future national elite with the major domestic and international questions of our time and encourage them to think seriously about them. An incidental purpose will be to interest students in other HRLU activity.

Thenever possible, the seminars' organizers plan to ask faculty members others to talk to the groups. The seminars will be organized independently each House, and will not be subject to Liberal Union control.

The another move, the Liberal Union sent a telegram to Democratic Senatorial candidate Edward M. Kennedy '54, urging him to participate in Saturday's debate between Republican George Cabot Lodge '50 and independent H. Stuart Hughes. The Union has not as yet taken and on the election.