1000 In Faculty Serve With Gov't

The Boston Globe has guessed that between 800 and 1000 Harvard faculty members are currently serving as part-time consultants to the federal government.

The Globe also quoted "a Medical School official" who said that 50 per cent of the school's faculty, or 300, work part-time for the government. There are about 5,200 faculty members in the University.

The article, which appeared in yesterday's paper, pointed out that the hardest area in which to gain statistics was the physics department, since the work in this area is generally classified information.

Helps Them Teach

Several of the men who were interviewed pointed out that constant contact with Washington makes them able to teach their courses more effectively. According to the Globe, the consensus of those who work is that "it is one's duty to be of some use to the federal government."


Erwin N. Griswold, dean of the Law School and a member of the Civil Rights Commission, claimed more tersely that "There is no question [of serving] when you are appointed by the President."