Thefts at Parking Lot Confirmed; One Stolen Car Used in Holdup

Reports of numerous unsolved thefts of hub caps and car attachments from the Business School parking lot this fall were confirmed yesterday by W. G. Knopf, assistant dean of the Business School.

Knopf, who is responsible for administration of the lot, reported that he has been concerned since last spring, when two student autos were stolen and one of them used in a local holdup. There had also been repeated slashings of convertible tops at that time.

Increased security measures, including heavier police surveillance of the lot, were requested by Knopf in the spring. A higher fence has since been erected on the Western Ave. side of the lot, and the hours for entrance through gates on that side have been considerably reduced.

The gates are kept open chiefly for the convenience of commuters.

Robert Tonis, University Police Chief, said that he is not alarmed about recent thefts. While there is not always an officer guarding the lot itself, he claimed that "there is a detachment of the force which has the Business School area well-patrolled at all times, as in other areas of the University."


Tonis said that minor thefts are to be expected at the parking lot. He anticipates no serious problem this fall.

Undergraduates with cars in Cambridge are required to register them with the University Police. Unless they make private arrangements, they must park their cars at the Business School lot.

Students who use the lot are charged $40 a year for this privilege.