Mme Nhu Hits College, Calls Students 'Rude'

Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu lashed out Tuesday at Harvard students for the "impropriety and rudeness" they displayed here during her talk before the Law School Forum.

"At Columbia they threw eggs at me like I was a peasant. But Harvard was incredible. The bad reputation of such a school should be told to the American people," said South Vietnam's first lady.

Continuing her nation-wide tour, Mme. Nhu made her criticism of Harvard at a reception before her speech at Princeton University. "They showed bad manners--very bad manners--at Harvard," she said. "People in our country respect a lecturer. I don't mind what they do in the street--at Columbia they picketed me in the street--but at Harvard it was the organizing committee. Either Harvard must change or the youth must be warned."

Mme. Nhu complained that she had been "sandwiched" between "three forty-five minute speakers. "After all," she said, "I was the main speaker." The format of the Law Forum is such that the main address is followed by extensive comments from several panel members.

While at Harvard, Mme. Nhu hinted that she had not found her stay very pleasant. Towards the close of her Forum speech, she admonished her hosts. "I am amazed to hear these hisses, screams, and shouts. Why do you people not make as much noise about Hungary?"


Harvey Poll 3L, president of the Law Forum, said that the Forum had had its own troubles with the Nhu program. Poll declared that the Forum had attempted several times to secure some type of preliminary speech form Mme. Nhu but "had never received a single word of what to expect. The program was originally scheduled to be much longer than an hour and a half, Poll said. "It was her security guard that cut the program short. We anticipated more questions from the panel and the floor."

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