Graham to Preach Here; Some Churches Opposed

The Rev. Billy Graham will speak here this February as the guest of several Protestant church groups at the University, although at least two other one opposed to his visit.

Hans Scherner Jr. '64, chairman of a joint committee sponsoring three speeches in Rindge Tech Auditorium Feb. 18 through 20, said yesterday that Graham is not expected to present a regular "crusade." An "evangelism team" will not accompany the preacher.

Graham was invited here by the Harvard Christian Fellowship. Church groups affiliated with the United Ministry at Harvard-Radcliffe have been asked to join the sponsoring committee.

Declining to join, the Rev. Henry Horn of University Lutheran Church said yesterday "I don't want my work identified with what I feel is only a 'revival' rather than an honest approach to the twentieth century." Horn felt that the evangelist would only antagonize many students.

The Episcopal Canterbury Club of Christ Church is also reported to be opposed to the visit.


"We don't really know exactly how many churches will be with us on this," said Scherner, who is also a member of the Christian Fellowship's executive board. "We've only recently sent out letters asking for cooperation."

"The United Ministry cannot by its very nature officially cooperate," said its head, the Rev. Richard Mumma. The Rev. Charles Price, Preacher to the University, said that neither would he take an official role. "But I have indicated my complete agreement with the invitation," he added.