'Cliffe Joins Ivy Plan For Southern Aid

Radcliffe and its six sister colleges have decided to join the Ivy League in a "talent search program" for students from economically depressed areas.

White and Negro students, primarily in the South, will be approached by representatives who will stress liberal arts opportunities in the North and will offer financial aid to qualified applicants, Margaret E. Stimpson, Radcliffe Director of Admissions, said yesterday.

Although Radcliffe has not yet allocated specific scholarship funds for the plan, Mrs. Stimpson said that they would hopefully be available by the time applications were received for the Class of 1969.

Charles E. McCarthy, Jr., assistant admissions director of Yale and supervisor of the program, met with representatives of the Seven Sister Colleges this weekend at Mount Holyoke. McCarthy will be provided with the specific admissions qualifications of each of the schools. During his interviews, he will be able to recommend particular institutions to interested students.

Students from economically depressed Southern areas are rarely encouraged by their guidance counselors to apply to state or local colleges. Often, Northern colleges, and particularly, Ivy League institutions, are automatically ruled out as being geographically and financially inaccessible.


Many students are not aware of the financial aid available for needy, qualified students. Applications from normally inactive areas should increase considerably if students are informed of the aid.

Applications may also be increased by a long range plan which is now being considered by participating colleges. Students with potentially adequate qualifications for Ivy League and Seven Sister colleges may be given aid to attend boarding schools in the North.

One or two years in a Northern school will prepare the student for the higher institutions, both academically and socially, thus making application more feasible. Although college acceptance will not be automatic, financial aid will be given by university and individual grants, as well as secondary school scholarships.