Varsity Booters Defeat All-Star Alumni Eleven

With key players missing because of injuries, the varsity soccer team managed to defeat an all-star alumni squad 3-3 Saturday morning on the Business School Field.

The Crimson victory came against a team which sported three former All-Americans and numerous one-time All-Ivy booters.

Led by 1959 All-Americans Lanny Keyes, Marsh McCall, and Tom Bagnoli, the alumni posed a real threat to the varsity. But the Crimson's short-pass attack proved too potent for the long kicks of the alumni.

Jumping off to a 2-0 half-time lead on goals by Chris Ohiri and Cormack O'Malley, the varsity was never headed despite two second-half goals by last year's captain and All-Ivy center half Tony Davies.

Fullback Play Crucial


Once again, strong fullback play keyed the Crimson's victory, but it came from two substitutes. Terry Robinson and Bernie Huebner, who successfully cleared long passes most of the afternoon. Starters Terry Robinson and Lou Williams were side-lined with injuries suffered in the Dartmouth game Friday.

Although pleased with the team's performance, Coach Bruce Munro looks ahead to next Saturday's game at Pennsylvania with some concern. Most of his worries stem from ailments plaguing members of his first squad. Williams, with a sprained foot, will probably be ready to go by Saturday, but Robinson and halfback Lerrie Coburn, both out of action with ankle sprains, appear to be doubtful starters. Inside left John Thorndike has not fully recovered from a thigh injury.

Pennsylvania's narrow field may crimp the varsity's passing game, since outsiders, insiders, and defenders will have little room to roam. "We will really have to thread the needle," commented Munro.