Rugger 'B' Squad Faces Boston Team Tomorrow

If you're not going down to Penn for the football game and it's a nice day, wander ever to the rugby field Saturday about 2 p.m. for a few laughs. The Crimson's second team takes on Boston's excellent 'B' squad while the Crimson's first fifteen "book it."

Originally, the ruggers were scheduled to play the Fordham Rugby Club, but yesterday the visitors indicated that they were cancelling their Cambridge trip. With hour exams and papers pending, the respite is a welcome one which hopefully will make a full turnout possible for practice next week before the all-important Princeton game. The turn of events is disappointing, nevertheless, because Harvard did such a fine job demolishing Dartmouth last Saturday.

Boston More Experienced

In the encounter tomorrow, Boston indubitably holds the edge of experience, and it will be a pleasant surprise if the Crimson wise. Several more experienced players will bolster a lineup of new ruggers.

In the scrum's front row Phil Hitch will fill in the slot as hooker and at left prop will be sophomore Bill Bunting playing his third game of the season. Rick Swanson, periodically in and out of the first team, will play right prop. Ed Quattiebaum returns to the second row Saturday after as ankle injury. Freshman Bill Marsluff at scrumhalf will be an asset for several years and should certainly play first string next fall.


Senior Jim Greis who has been out with a knee injury will return to the scrum as left wing forward, and promising Quentin Spector will add color on the other side.

Backing the lineup (in experience as well as position) will be John Dickinson, Bruce Caputo, and Mike Burbank.