Council Hopes to Issue New Study Of Parietal Rules Before December

The Harvard Council for Undergraduate Affairs will try to finish its report on parietals within the next two weeks, R. Thomas Seymour '64, chairman of the Council, said last night.

Speaking at the HCUA's regular Monday session, Seymour said he hoped the report would be ready before the next Faculty meeting Dec. 3, and set Christmas as an absolute deadline.

But members of the HUCA's eight-man parietal committee warned that it had not "progressed at all beyond the elementary stages" of its work. Michal J.M. Galazka '63-4 said the group still had to "hammer out the distinction between parietals and morality."

When the committee presented a first darft of its report Oct. 14, the Council rejected it on the grounds that it evaded certain philosophical questions. The report recommended the extension of parietal hours until midnight on Fridays before home football games.

Corporation Not Interested


Seymour said last night that Dean Ford had assured him that the Faculty "was not inclined" to discuss parietals unless the Corporation raised the issue. "It appears that the Corporation will not get exercised about parietals," the chairman noted. "As far as I know, it has not even discussed them."

Seymour said that President Pusey, in a letter to him last Friday, had repeated his position that parietals "are the internal concern of the College and should be handled within the College." Pusey's statement come in response to a confidential eight-page analysis of student opinion that Seymour prepared "for the guidance of the deans."

Although he declined to reveal the full content of his analysis, Seymour said it pointed out that abolishing parietal privileges would lead to "drastic repercussions." He added that he thought his study was "a more accurate reflection" of undergraduate thought than the letters published in the CRIMSON.