Freshmen Will Dine in Houses For 4 Months Under New Plan

Starting in December

In an effort to end congestion at House dining halls caused by freshmen eating in the Houses in the Spring, the Faculty Committee on Houses has decided to extend the freshman visiting program over four months this year. The freshmen will begin to visit the Houses in December.

"We feel the new plan will go a long way toward eliminating the dining hall crowds." Dean von Stade said yesterday. "We also think it will give the freshmen a chance to meet more upperclassmen sooner and under less pressure."

Under the old plan, freshmen could eat three meals in each of the Houses during the month of March. This meant that they could eat in a House almost every night. Under the new system, they will be allowed one meal in each House during the months of December, January, February, and March.

Von Stade Wants More

Dean von Stade said he hoped that the change in the dining hall program would be the first of several moves to introduce the freshmen to the Houses earlier. "I would like to see the Houses themselves initiate some other steps toward the same end," he said.


But the Crimson Key Society, traditionally the liaison between the freshmen and the Houses, apparently will neither add to nor update its present schedule of introductory programs. According to Robert T. Kudrle '64, Freshman Orientation Chairman of Crimson Key, the society will continue to hold its guided tours and discussions of the Houses in March.

The Masters also apparently will not take any new steps to show the Houses to the freshmen. Richard T. Gill '48, Master of Leverett House, said, "As far as I know, no House is taking steps to give the freshmen a closer look."

Upperclassmen Pleased

Upperclassmen who have often been annoyed by waiting in line 20 minutes while freshmen visited in previous years were generally pleased by the news. "It shows shocking intelligence and initiative on the part of the Administration," one Leverett senior said. "I'm very happy about the decision."