H-Y Clash in Intramural Contests

Yardling Champ, Winthrop to Play Touch With Yale

Harvard meets Yale in everything today, and "everything" includes touch football. Harvard House champion Winthrop will challenge Yale's top College touch team, Jonathan Edwards College, at 2 p.m. this afternoon, and the Crimson's freshman champion in the sport takes on Davenport, tops on the Eli Old Campus, at 3:15 p.m.

Both Stoughton and Winthrop went undefented this season, each complling an 8-0 record. Stoughton whipped Grays for the Freshman title, 24-19, after defeating a previously unbeaten Hollis team 13-0.

Winthrop has been even more impressive than the Yardling champs, rolling up unheard of scores, such as 74-0 against Lowell. The Puritans had their greatest difficulty with the Kirkland team which it vanquished by the barely respectable margin of 20 point, 27-7.

The Winthrop team has turned in consistently excellent performances, under the command of tailback Parky Keyes. Keyes has played three years for Winthrop and has refined the House's game to a science. With the aid of varsity hockey players Lee Sargent, Billy Lamarche, and Baldy smith, he has directed the team to lopsided triumphs over every opponent.

The key to Stoughton's success has been defense. In one game alone the astute sextet if defenders scored three touchdowns on interceptions.