Grand Jury Indicts Harvard Junior For Role in Deb Debacle

Thomas W. Molyneux '65 has been indicted along with 13 other youths for causing more than $3000 damage at a Long Island debutante party last Aug. 31.

The party--a coming-out affair given by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leas for their daughter, Miss Fernanda Wanamaker Weather-ill--developed into a frenzied free-for-all in the early hours of the morning of Sept. 1. At 6:30 a.m. more than 100 of the party's 800 guests marched with a twist band to a neighboring mansion which had been rented by the Leas.

After the band left at about 9:30 the real damage began. All but six of the mansion's 1640 windows were eventuallly broken and total damage was finally set at $3202.

Molyneux termed the indictment against him "completely unjustified." His contention seems to be supported by Mrs. Leas, who has invited him to another coming-out party for Fernanda to be held this December in Philadelphia. According to Mrs. Leas, who has also cleared two of the other indicted youths, Molyneux "didn't do anything."