Vellucci Criticizes Police Report On 'Alleged Improprieties' Here

City Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci yesterday, described as "a big whitewash", a one page police report on "alleged improprieties" in Harvard dorms.

In the report, Daniel J Brennan, Chief of Police, said that University officials had discovered only two or three "episodes" during the past 15 years.

"What's an 'episode'?" Vellucci demanded. He said he would seek clarification from City Manager John J Curry '19, for whom the report was prepared.

After newspaper articles last month broke the news of Harvard's "sex scandal," Vellucci asked the City Council to authorize an investigation. Last Monday, the Council received Brennan's 150- word summary of the findings and filed it without discussion.

According to Brennan's report, "authorities...responsible for the supervision of students" believe that "the vast majority are weil behaved and manifest a willingness to respect and obey the rules."


The Chief said that Harvard officials were concerned only with "the attitude of the small minority who want complete freedom but are unwilling to accept accompanying responsibility."

"In order to head off any increase is number or seriousness of offenses," Brennas reported the authorities decided to wars potential violators of rules and regulations." He assured the Council that "officers from this department will continue to work with authorities at this University to make certain regulations are complied with."