Will Harvard Get Intern Program?

A Harvard summer intern program in Washington "would be a good idea," according to Richard G. King, director of the Office for Graduate and Career Plans. But the program would not fall directly within the jurisdiction of his office.

For several years Yale University has operated a comprehensive intern program which gets summer jobs for about 40 students, mostly with Congressmen.

But the Yale program enjoys two advantage which do not seem to be forthcoming at Harvard: money, and cooperation from groups in Washington.

For Harvard to plan a similar program, the Office for Graduate and Career Plans would have to find both financial support, and an enthusiastic representative in Washington to help uncover summer opportunities.

Because of his interest in the program, King tried to set up an intern program last Spring. But his efforts were frustrated when four Congressmen backed down on their promise to employ Harvard students.


Furthermore, King's office is responsible for guidance rather than job placement. Consequently, a program to provide students with jobs would not strictly be his responsibility.

But there are a number of other University departments which could handle a Washington intern project.

For example, King suggested that the Government department might take some responsibility for the program. He pointed out that the department has some money at its disposal.

In addition, the Harvard Club of Washington might agree to help secure jobs in the Capital.

All the project really needs are funds and enthusiasm, King concluded.