Harvard King Comes Back to His Domain, Has Lunch at Lowell

Homer A. Tomlinson, bishop of the Church of God, presidential candidate of the Theocratic Party, and now "prophet of the world to come," returned yesterday to Harvard, where he had crowned himself kind in 1961.

At that time Tomlinson, dressed in pink robe and wearing a home-made cardboard crown, sat on a portable aluminum throne, at the start of his second tour around the world to name himself king of 101 nations. Yesterday he appeared in the simple garb of a prophet, a blue suit, and lunched in Lowell House with several friends-including a junior he had crowned "prince of the realm" while last at the College.

Earlier in the day Tomlimson presented a "banner of confidence" to representative of Gov. Endicott Peabody '42 and Boston Mayor John F. Collins. The banner is of silk, 15 inches square, with designs of the "scepter of righteousness," the "star of hope," and the "crown of victory" in purple on a field of broad bands of red, white, and blue.

Tomlinson said he received 3 million write-in votes in the last election ("they're still counting them") and plane to run again in 1944 ("me and Rockefeller"), perhaps with the additional endorsement of the Prohibition Party. "People smile at me a lot, but I don't mind," he said.