Niederhoffer, Squash Team Advance in U.S. Nationals

What were once cautitous hopes--that Harvard could win both the team and singles titles at the national squash championships--became distinct possibilities yesterday. Coach Jack Barnaby reported from Detroit that "we're flying into bad weather, but all our propellers are going."

The Crimson team of Bill Morris, Lou Williams, Paul Sullivan, Doug Walter, and Terry Robinson swept by Toronto 5-0 and easily outclassed Detroit 4-1 to gain the semi-finals. This morning the five-man team faces Philadelphia, the defending champion; if the squad wins, it will probably defeat Canada or New York City in the finals. Boston lost yesterday to New York City, 3-2.

In the singles competition, Vic Niederhoffer had no trouble beating Yale's number two player, Bob Hetherington. Niederhoffer lost the first game 7-15 but rallied to take the next three, 15-9, 15-11, 15-10.

This morning Niederhoffer plays Sam Howe, whom he beat 3-1 in the Harry Cowles tournament. Yesterday Howe eliminated Jim Zug, 3-1, while most of the other top players--Sam's brother Ralph Howe, Canadian champion Smith Chapman, Charles Ufford '53, and Henri Salaun--advanced without difficulty.

This afternoon Niederhoffer will face the winner of this morning's Ben Heckscher-Harry Conlon match. Niederhoffer will probably win and face Henri Salaun in the finals at 11:30 Sunday morning.


Coach Barnaby reported that cold courts and a new, deader ball made both the team and singles matches short and somewhat unexciting. It was impossible to play shots off the back wall, since the rock-like balls made them drop short.

SUMMARY--Team competition, first round against Toronto (Harvard winning, 5-0); Bill Morris over John Ireton, 15-8, 15-9, 15-10; Lou Williams over Mort Willow, 15-12, 15-11, 4-15, 15-8; Paul Sullivan over Jim Coons, 13-15, 16-13, 10-15, 17-15, 15-3; Doug Walter over Gord Gryatt, 15-10, 15-8, 17-16; Terry Robinson over Erv Herman, 15-17, 7-15, 15-4, 18-16, 15-10.

--Team competition, second round against Detroit (Harvard winning, 4-1); Bill Morris lost to Rick Austin, 11-15, 15-12, 15-11, 13-15, 15-12; Lou Williams over Tony Prociata, 15-7, 15-4, 15-11; Paul Sullivan over Glenn Whitcroft 9-15, 15-10, 15-6, 16-18, 15-7; Doug Walter over John Green, 15-12, 15-11, 15-11; Terry Robinson over Bruce Klaff, 15-7, 15-9, 4-15, 15-7.