Applications Rate Remains Steady For Fourth Year

The number of applications for the freshman class will remain steady for the fourth straight year, Fred L. Glimp '50, dean of Admissions and Financial Aids, reported last week.

As of January 31, the Admissions Office had received 4748 applications, compared with 4711 for the same time last year. Glimp estimated that the final total would be 5100-an increase of less than one per cent over last year's figure of 5059. Just over 5200 applications were received for the two preceding freshman classes.

Glimp reported that scholarship applications were running slightly behind last year's figures. A total of 2547 scholarship applications has been received about 50 less than the figure for a year ago. On the basis of these figures Glimp predicted that the final total of scholarship applications will be one or two per cent below the figure of 2805 for the Class of '66.

Scholarships May Increase

The Admissions and Scholarship Committee has not yet decided how much scholarship aid will be dispensed next year, but some increase is possible because of additions to the Committee's endowed funds. This year the College awarded a total of $1,600,000 in scholarships and beneficiary aid, including $450,000 is freshman scholarships.


A recent revision by the College Scholarship Service of the tables correlating family income with expected contribution toward college costs may alter the distribution of scholarship funds next year. Henry P. Briggs, Jr. "54, director of Freshman Scholarships, said that the new schedules would result in more aid to students from lower income families, and a corresponding decrease in aid to those from higher income families.

Brigs said that families with incomes of $20,000 would not be eligible for scholarship assistance, even with two children attending college.