Adams Won't Hold Pennington Seminar On CPVC: PSLMOM

Frederick A. Pennington's seminar, on the Critical Process and the Verbal Construct: Problems in the Structure of Language and the Meaning of Meaning, will not be held in Adams House this semester. Originally permitted to give the seminar in the House on a half-year basis, Pennington was not asked to continue the venture for a second term.

The seminar arose from a controversy last October after upperclassmen and graduate students were barred from auditing Pennington's sections in General Education A. An average of about 35 persons attended the weekly meetings at Adams House and some 50 or 60 have indicated an interest in continuing the seminar.

Students Request Seminar

Members of Lowell House, joined by students from Adams, Kirkland, and Leverett, have requested that the seminar be held there during the spring term. Elliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell, said Yesterday that the seminar's status would not be definite until he had consulted other Masters on the policy of allowing House seminars to be given by persons outside the House staff. He said, however, that the idea of the program was "probably superb," although he added there might be problems of finding room enough to accommodate so large a group.

Pennington Resigns

Pennington told the CRIMSON that he had resigned his position as a teaching fellow at the University and indicated that he will accept an appointment as an instructor at a rival institution next fall.

Pennington declined to comment on his resignation, but a friend was quoted as saying, "He had a lover's quarrel with the machine."