Eric Ashby Will Deliver Godkin Lectures in 1964

Sir Eric Ashby, president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science and master of Clare College, Cambridge University, will give the Godkin Lectures for the academic year 1963-1964.

The Godkin Lectures for 1962-1963 will be delivered April 23-25 by Clark Kerr, president of the University of California.

After a research career in botany, Sir Eric turned to university administration and the study of education in non-European and emergent nations. He has headed a commission which studied the educational needs of Nigeria, has reported in "Investment in Education," and is now honorary adviser to the Nigerian National Universities Commission.

During World War II Ashby held the Chair of Botany at Sydney University, Australia, and was chairman of the Australian National Research Council, which helped to guide the Australian government's charge d' affaires in the Australian legation and in 1947 returned to England to become professor of botany at Manchester University.

As a botanist, Sir Eric conducted research on hybrid vigor, plant ecology, and the growth and nutrition of duck weed. After the war, he wrote a series of papers on the growth of leaves.

Among his books are: The Future of Universities in Australia, Challenge to Education, Scientist in Russia, Science and the People, and Technology and the Academics.