Athletics Group Will Meet To Agree on New Director

The Faculty Committee on Athletic Sports will again attempt to agree on a new director of Athletics at its meeting next Monday.

Usually reliable sources said the committee has been deadlocked on the appointment for more than a month, and that Dean Ford may be asked to help resolve the disagreements.

Apparently, the committee is split between three men, all of them Harvard graduates. One University official indicated that two are from outside the College, the third being Adolph W. Samborski '25, assistant director of athletics.

Deadlock Favors Samborski

Because Samborski could only hold the position for seven years before retiring, some observers at first felt his chances to succeed Thomas D. Bolles were slim. The prolonged committee debate, however, may work in his favor, as the committee apparently hasn't been able to agree on a younger man.


Both of the other candidates under consideration are reportedly in their forties, and are not necessarily holding positions at other universities. The committee has been discussing businessmen and professors in addition to men in athletic departments.

One reason why the committee has taken so long to choose a director may be that it wants to initiate a sharp change in athletic policies. There have been conflicting reports from the committee of both a desire for better teams and for less emphasis on athletics.

Even if the committee makes a selection Monday, formal announcement of the new director will probably not come until the Overseers' meeting in April.

Bolles, who announced his resignation last October, will remain on the job until August 31. He became Athletic Director in 1951, and was instrumental in the formation of the Ivy League.