Conference Will Plan National Corps

More than 300 college students, including representatives of RGA and HCUA, will exchange ideas and proposals for the National Service Corps this weekend at a conference sponsored by the National Student Association (NSA).

Secretary of Interior Stuart Udall, a member of the Cabinet committee to study the Corps, will deliver the keynote address this afternoon at American University in Washington, D.C.

The major purpose of the conference is to gather a wide range of student opinion on such questions as length and place of service, type of work to be undertaken, training, administration and control.

Delegates will meet in several workshops during the weekend with members of the President's study group, and then present resolutions to a plenary session Sunday.

The other speakers besides Udall will be Sens. Harrison Williams (D.-N.J.) and Claiborne Pell (D-R.I.), and an opponent of the Service Corps proposal. Sen. John Tower (R.-Tex.), who was scheduled to speak, has been called back to Taxas.


Sen. Williams, one of the sponsors of the Administration bill in Congress, has long been associated with the plight of migrant workers. Last weekend he and his staff initiated a miniature Service Corps of their own by traveling to Gun Springs, Va. to repair three shacks in that depressed area.

Pell Will Speak

Sen. Pell is a member of the sub-committee of the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee which is presently considering Sen. Hubert Humphrey's bill to establish a Youth Conservation Corps.

A great deal of confusion has surrounded the whole question of a National Service Corps since several Congressmen denounced the "Domestic Peace Corps" project set up in Harlem under the aegis of Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D-N.Y.).

The Harlem project is an independent venture and has no connection with the National Service Corps. Observers predict, however, that the public controversy will have adverse effects on the Service Corps legislation.