'Cliffe Honor Exam System Is Eliminated

President Bunting's "temporary emergency measure" of having Radcliffe students take all final exams with Harvard will be in effect for at least the next two or three years, an administration official predicted yesterday.

No building will be available for separate exam facilities "in the forseable future," necessitating the long duration of the change. Longfellow Hall, formerly used for Radcliffe exams, has been sold to the Graduate School of Education and will soon be renovated. There is no other suitable building and at present the college has no plans for the construction or purchase of any such structure, the official said.

The announced change will eliminate the honor system at Radcliffe. In the past all final exams given in Longfellow were unproctored, and 'Cliffies were allowed to leave and return to the examination room at any time. Girls could also wear slacks and hair-curlers to these exams.

At Harvard no honor system is in effect. The exams are proctored and girls will not be allowed the freedom of informal attire. 'Cliffies must abide by all of Harvard's exam regulations, and no changes in the Harvard exam system are expected.

Lois Rieser '64, president of RGA, stated that Radcliffe girls will dislike the change, particularly the inconvenience of taking proctored exams. She feels that if the objections to the clothing rule are particularly strong. RGA may take some action on the matter.

Former RGA President Adele Smite '63, regretted the necessity of the change, but since no other building is available, she feels it is the only practical solution to the problem.