Planned Addition to Holyoke Center Will Displace Hazen's Luncheonette

The University's plans to expand Holyoke Center will force Hazen's Luncheonette to move, the CRIMSON has learned. Hazen's displaced Mike's Club yesterday, anticipating its forced move from Mass. Ave.

Until October, habituees of Hazen's will be able to choose the branch at which they will have their morning coffee--the original one on the ground floor of Little Hall, or the new one at the former location of Mike's Club on Holyoke St.

Patrons of Mike's, however, will have to walk four blocks past Cronin's on Mt. Auburn St.

Behind the change is a project to raze Dudley House and Little Hall for an addition to Holyoke Center. Officially, the wreckers are scheduled to start work in June, 1964, but if the buildings' occupants are relocated quickly, demolition could begin next fall.

The University asked Fred R. Whouley, owner of Hazen's, to vacate Little Hall by Aug. 31, but gave him the option of continuing on a month-to-month basis after that. Whouley said yesterday that he would stay in Little Hall "as long as I can," but admitted he did not think he could remain beyond October.

Last December, Whouley bought the building that houses Mike's Club from Peter Zirakian, president of the Crimson Shop, for $60,000. The owner of Mike's, Jack R. Madanian, had refused to pay Zirakian that price.

Whouley said he plans to tear down the structure in June, and build a multistory office building with a restaurant on the ground floor. He acknowledged he had financial support for the project, but declined to identify his backers.

Two weeks ago, Madanian bought the C & J Luncheonette, at 144 Mt. Auburn St., for an undisclosed amount.