Tucker Retires; Hurlburt to Head Food Department

Carle T. Tucker, Director of the University's dining halls department, will retire on June 30, to be succeeded by C. Graham Hurlburt Jr. now Assistant Director.

Since 1958 Tucker, as Director, has supervised food preparation and service for more than 6,000 students. He began working in the dining halls department in 1936 as Assistant Steward of the College Dining Halls, in charge of Central Kitchen. He later became Manager of the College Dining Halls, and then Assistant Manager of the University dining hall system in 1940. Before joining the Harvard staff, he had worked for 20 years in the management of small inns and hotels in eastern Massachusetts.

Hurlburt Managed Faculty Club

The new Director of the Dining Halls had been manager of the Harvard Faculty Club for two years before becoming Tucker's assistant. Hurlburt received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management from Cornell University in 1953.

Serving 4,000,000 meals a year to undergraduates and graduate students, the University's dining halls department is one of the largest restaurant operations in New England. The department operates 13 dining halls--ten for Undergraduates in the College, as well as those in Harkness Commons for graduate students in Cambridge, in Kresge Hall for Business School students, and in Vanderbilt Hall for medical students. The Department employs 700 regular workers and 300 student helpers.


Will Meet With HCUA Friday

Tucker and Hurlburt, along with other members of the administration, will meet with the dining halls committee of HCUA to discuss dining hall policy on Friday.