More Officials Question Burke's Delivery Policy

The Committee on Solicitation has not discussed any rule prohibiting businesses from making deliveries in the dormitories or Houses, Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, assistant dean of the Faculty and a member of the committee, said yesterday. He added that the committee has not met in over a year.

According to Trottenberg the present policy of the University regarding deliveries is to allow "well-known businesses" to deliver to the rooms. "Less well known organizations," however, are to apply for identification passes distributed by the University Police.

"The situation and the committee's stand on deliveries is a little misleading. I think there is a great circle of confusion here," Trottenberg declared. He plans to present the problem to the Committee on Houses at its meeting next month because he feels that some action should be taken on the matter.

Earlier this week however, Dustin M. Burke '52, general manager of HSA and the secretary of the committee said the committee had ruled that organizations which make deliveries to students' rooms and have not received permission to do so are trespassing and therefore liable to arrest.

Burke made this statement in explanation of a note added to an advertisement of the HSA Birthday Cake Agency which stated that any competing organization was operating in violation of University policy and would not be allowed to deliver cakes.


Von Stade Agrees With Masters

Robert Tonis, Chief of the University Police, and seven Masters stated earlier this week that they had no knowledge of the committee or the regulation as expressed by Burke. Dean Von Stade said yesterday, "As far as I am concerned, the committee does not govern regulations on deliveries even if it does exist."

Burke had been unable to recall the names of the members of the Committee on Solicitation earlier this week. Yesterday, however, Trottenberg said that Dean Watson; Wallace McDonald '44, Director of the Financial Aid Office; Burke; and Trottenberg himself composed the committee.

McDonald has a leave of absence this year and the Financial Aid Office did not know who has replaced him on the committee. Dean Watson said on Tuesday that he was no longer a member of the committee, but Trottenberg explained "Dean Watson is just a little bit confused."

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