Move to Ease Sign-Out Penalties Slated for Radcliffe Council Vote

Juniors and seniors will be allowed to stay out without penalty beyond the hour to which they have signed out if the RGA approves the motion it discussed yesterday.

According to the proposal, girls will indicate their estimated time of return when they sign out as a guide so that they can be contacted if necessary. They will not be punished, however, if they fail to return by that time.

An amendment to the motion would allow juniors and seniors who wish greater security to indicate a second hour at which a search would be initiated if they had not returned. Those girls who stayed out beyond this second hour would be punished.

At present, although juniors and seniors may sign out until any hour, they must return by the hour of their sign-out or incur a penalty. The change will not affect freshmen and sophomores, who will still have to get back by the time to which they have signed out.

The RGA will vote on the proposals next week.


On other matters, Mary G. Paget, coordinator of Recreational Activities, told RGA delegates that the field house would remain locked until a new policy to eliminate "parietal abuses" could be formulated.

Committee Established

The RGA appointed a committee to meet with Miss Paget to draw up recommendations on the use of the Field House.

The meeting also approved four recommendations intended to make Harvard examinations more pleasant for 'Cliffies, who will now take all exams at Harvard. The proposals, which will be presented to Registrar Sargent Kennedy '28 today, include suggestions that girls be assigned to examinations only in buildings with ladies' rooms and that a female proctor be assigned to all large exams.

The RGA will also seek to have a woman proctor stationed in the halls or ladies' rooms for the first half of the exam so that 'Cliffies might be allowed to use the bathroom then. At present no student may leave a Harvard exam room during the first one and one-half hours.

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