'Give A Lotta Love,' Pontificates Sexy Eva Six, Hungarian Starlet

While press agents nervously scurried about, Eva Six made her Boston debut yesterday. Who's Eva Six? Well, that's what we wanted to know, so we eagerly accepted an invitation to dine with the girl American International Pictures is calling the new "Hungarian Sex Bombshell."

We were told that Eva looks like Marilyn Monroe and sounds like Zsa Zsa Gabor. Not having spoken intimately with Miss Gabor no judgment could be made on that comparison, and she definitely doesn't exude sex in the way Marilyn did. But then, she doesn't want to: "I just want to be Eva Six," she said.

Actually, Eva Six was really Eva Klein. After the Nazis murdered her father, though, the family adopted the name of Kennedi (apparently a centuries-old aristocratic name in Hungary which is obviously unsuited to the screen). Using 20 bottles of vodka for bribes, she fled Hungary during the revolution in 1956 and migrated to the United States.

Although Eva ran a delicatessen in Los Angeles, she really wanted to return to the screen (she had been some sort of a child prodigy in Hungary). But again the way to the movies was not simple.

"Out for Cocktails"


She says that she was constantly hounded by prospective agents who mainly "wanted to go out for cocktails" instead of screen tests. She finally found a congenial female agent and went to a studio. The effect, we are told, was overwhelming. After changing her name to Six, she signed to do "Operation Bikini," which is opening Wednesday in Boston at the Pilgrim. That is why Eva is in Boston, by the way.

Like most girls breaking in, Eva doesn't want to be a sex symbol--the thought "scares me." She wants to make "an image as an actress." "I'm not really a dumb blonde," she confided. And actually, she isn't.

The TV boys asked her the usual question about what advice she had for young girls with "stardust in their eyes," and she replied, demurely, that they should "keep their hearts straight, and give a lotta love." That is the only way, she claimed, that they "will get a lotta love." So keep that in mind, 'Cliffies.

At the end of the session one press agent said he'd seen a lot of girls start out, "but this one really knows where she wants to go and she will get there." Added an impressed photog as Eva leaned seductively over a piano: "She's sure got the equipment."