Crown Prince From Liechtenstein Visits College, Eats at Leverett

Crown Prince Johann-Adam, son of reigning Prince Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein, lunched with Master Conway and 12 undergraduates in Leverett House yesterday during a tour of Harvard and M.I.T. The 18-year-old Hapsburg descendant will visit with President Kennedy in Washington tomorrow.

On a six-week trip through the country, Prince Johann first visited his younger brother in Texas. The Prince, currently studying in Switzerland, said he would like to come to the United States after graduating, "perhaps to attend Harvard for a year."

The Prince saw several rooms in Leverett Towers and then rushed away to M.I.T. where he was briefed on the Institute's curriculum.

Because he was overprotected by his entourage, it was extremely difficult to speak with him. He was interested in the role of the Government in research and inquired if students participate in research that is Government sponsored.

After a thorough tour of Tech's Computer Center and an explanation of the intricacies of the IBM 7090, the Prince was whisked away to fulfill social obligations elsewhere.


Liechtenstein, with a population of 17,000 covering sixty-one square miles, remains the only survivor of the 342 states that once comprised the Holy Roman Empire. The House of Liechtenstein dates from the twelfth century, and Crown Prince Johann-Adam will be the thirteenth monarch of his line when he succeeds to the throne some day.