City Council Asks Planning Director For Another Study of MTA Yards

The Cambridge City Council yesterday requested Planning Director Alan McClennen to survey the Bennett St. MTA Yards and recommend steps to be taken for the construction of one-and two-family dwellings in the area.

If completed, the planning report would be the second study that Cambridge has made of the Yards. Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci introduced the order that was approved by the Council yesterday.

Observers felt that Vellucci's proposal lacked strong support in the Council, and doubted that it would find much favor with the Planning Board, which has recommended the construction of a shopping center on the Bennett St. site.

In its report, filed last month, the Board advised the city to prepare a plan for urban renewal in the Harvard Square area and then to take the Yards by right of eminent domain. Although this is not possible while the MTA owns the land, the city could take the property from a private owner once the MTA has sold it.

Although the final decision on the sale of the Yards rests with the MTA Board of Trustees, the city's recommendation is expected to carry considerable weight.


At its regular Monday meeting, the Council also ordered City Manager John J. Curry '19 to report on action taken to comply with an earlier order directing the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority to appoint a Negro.

Among other business that the Council transacted yesterday was a request that the City Manager confer with Police Chief Daniel J. Brennan about the possibility of enacting legislation that would require the front of all bicycles to be equipped with a reflector.