GSAS Scholarship Funds Will Be Increased by $200,000 Next Year

Reginald H. Phelps '30, associate dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, has estimated that the number of GSAS students on Harvard grants next year will be considerably higher than in the past.

GSAS funds for grants for next year are much increased over previous years. The grant from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the School's main source of unrestricted scholarship money, has been increased $200,000 for 1963-64, from $340,000 this year to $540,000.

Phelps also noted that this is the first year GSAS scholarships for both men and women will be administrated from the same office. While Dean Elder and President Bunting told the Board of Overseers in March that women's grants were lower than those for men, Phelps indicated that there have been no problems in scholarship allotments as a result of the GSAS-Radcliffe Graduate School merger.

He said that sex will not be a factor next year in the consideration of a candidate for a grant.

The proportion of acceptances of scholarships in GSAS is higher this year, Phelps said. "As we become more widely known, students think twice before they turn our grant down." He guessed that the number of students accepting grants for next year will be between the number receiving scholarships last year--478--and the number which have been offered for next year--643. So far 469 students have accepted grants awarded by GSAS for next year.

Judging from previous years, about an additional 700 GSAS students will receive non-Harvard grants.