WHRB Must Leave Dudley By Dec., 1964

Dudley House and Little Hall will probably be demolished in January or February 1964, University officials intimated yesterday. The early destruction of buildings, made possible in part by the purchase of the Ambassador Hotel this month, will force WHRB to leave the basement of Dudley for temporary headquarters shortly before the 1963 Christmas recess.

The student radio station will move to one of several possible sites suggested during lengthy negotiations by Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Proposed locations include the basement of Pennypacker Hall, the rear of Claverly Hall, and Apley Court.

A committee of heads of departments of WHRB reached tentative agreement yesterday on one of the choices after considering their space requirements.

The committee will submit its decision, together with preliminary plans for studios, to John C. Colburn, an architect in the Department of Buildings and Grounds.

WHRB officials thought a University estimate setting $41,000 as the cost of modifying Claverly for broadcasting purposes to be unrealistically high. The station hopes to make renovations for much less, but has not yet prepared its own figures.

Although the station does not know whether it will have to pay the University for its temporary studios, Wyzga said he thought the question of payment would depend on the space it uses.

WHRB will begin a $125,000 fund drive before Commencement to finance the construction of studios above the Masters' garage at Mill and Plympton Sts., Wyzga announced. If the drive proves successful the station will move into its permanent quarters by September 1964.