Young Republicans Vote in Favor Of Abolition of Capital Punishment

The executive committee of the Harvard Young Republican Club yesterday came out in favor of unleashing the Cuban exiles, selling contraceptives in Massachusetts, and abolishing capital punishment.

At its final meeting of the year the HYRC also asked the Department of Justice "to investigate the following proposition: Whether the Federal Government of the United States is a 'conspiracy in restraint of trade' in violation of the anti-monopoly provisions of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act."

On Cuba, the HYRC said that "the Administration must repudiate its guarantee to the Castro dictatorship against attempts to restore the freedom of Cuba. Cuba must not be allowed to remain a privileged sanctuary for Communist activities against hemispheric peace and security."

The Club suggested that the U.S. negotiate to get Russian troops out of Cuba and international inspectors onto the island. If the negotiations fall "the air and naval quarantine against offensive weapons should be reinstituted at once," it maintained.