Heavies Challenge Tigers, Engineers in Compton Cup

Encouraged by last week's promising victory over Rutgers and Brown, the varsity heavyweights will attempt to improve on their record Saturday when they meet M.I.T., Princeton, and Dartmouth for the Compton Cup on the Charles.

A shakes-up lightweight squad will face Navy at Annapolis, where they will try to better last Saturday's weak showing against M.I.T. Coach Fred Cabot has put together almost an entirely new varsity boat whose time trials this week have been quite a bit faster than last week."

Sophomore Geoff Picard will stroke as unchanged varsity eight this Saturday. Although M.I.T. has beaten Yale's strong varsity boat, Coach Harry Parker doesn't expect any one crew to have a definite edge. "It will be a close race and a good test," he said.

In the big lightweight shake-up this week, Cabot has moved three sophomores into the varsity boat, including stroke Galen Brewster, Ted Roosevelt at two and John Young at five. Junior Martyn Greenacre, a veteran of last year's varsity, has moved into bow, and last week's stroke Dick Masland is at six. The rest of the boat includes Captain Rob Russell it three, Jim MacMahon at four, Mike McKenzie at seven, and Chris Hamilton at cox.