Mass. Governor Will Come Here In Horse Buggy

Gov. Endicott "Chub" Peabody will arrive at Commencement exercises on Thursday in a horse-drawn Victoria carriage, thus becoming the first chief executive of the Commonwealth since pre-World War I days to come to Harvard Commencement in anything other than an automobile.

The Governor will be met at the State House on Beacon Hill by 18 scarlet-and-blue-uniformed members of the famed National Lancers. As is traditional, the Lancer brigade will be on horseback.

Peabody, however, will climb into the fourwheeled pleasure carriage instead of the more conventional Cadillac limousine. He will be accompanied in the cart by his military aide, but other members of the Governor's immediate staff will trail in motor-driven automobiles.

As they have done for 124 years, the Lancers will flank the Governor's vehicle and parade with him across the Harvard Bridge and down Massachusetts Avenue to the Square.

Outside the Yard, at Johnston Gate, the Lancers will present arms and the Governor will dismount and walk inside the Yard to meet President Pusey and University Marshal J. Hampton Robb.

The announcement of the governor's transportation plans was made yesterday by Col. J. L. Madigan of the Adjutant General's office, who has organized the traditional appearance of the Chief Executive at Commencement for many years.

Peabody reportedly wanted to ride to Commencement on his own horse, but was convinced by friends that the horse and carriage would be safer and more appropriate.