The Mail

To the Editors of the Summer News:

The Harvard Summer New coverage the Harvard Socialist Club meeting, which took place July 15 in Lamont Library, presented, I feel, a very unfair of the evening's program. Mr. Valdex, General Secretary of the Socialist Alliance, was so misrepresented by your reporter, Reed that I find it hard to believe that Bates was acting in good faith in reporting.

shall list and correct some of the which I have found in this short circle:

1) Mr. Valdex's speech concerned America, and yet the fat print the article refers to the Negro problem in the U.S.A. This is probably only remark made by Mr. Valdex did not relate directly to the question of revolution in South America.

2) Mr. Valdex did not claim that the of the Negroes "fulfills Marxist as you allege--he remarked, this is close paraphrasing, "The Negro uprising in the U.S.A. may be the indication of deep social unrest generated among working classes in the due to economic stagnation. We wait a while longer and see."

3) Valdex did advocate the formation independent Negro party, but said nothing about its being Socialist in as you maintain.

Valdex did not predict that success failure of revolution in Venezuela will "wholly on what happens as a of these (Negro) movements in U.S." How patently absurd this moment is! Quite the opposite, he that a revolution will occur South America independent of what in the U.S. Herbert Gintis.