PBH Announces Summer Program, Plans Activities for Settlement Youth

Jon W. Clifton '63, former president of Phillips Brooks House, said yesterday that the PBH summer program is going "full tilt."

PBH, a social service center during the year for 850 Harvard and Radcliffe students, maintains programs within the University and in the Boston area. Clifton said summer students can join in the PBH projects.

Included in the program is work with 100 boys from the Lyman School for Boys. The boys have either fulfilled their sentences or have been voluntarily placed in the School by their parents. These "placement cases," between the ages of eight to thirteen, are "over-disciplined" by the rigorous training given them at the School, Clifton said.

Several students from PBH spend two nights weekly with the boys, playing soccer and swimming. Every Saturday a small group of the boys are taken to the beach.

Work at two Cambridge settlement houses is another major activity at PBH. At Cambridge Community Center on Calendar St., nightly programs of games and singing have been organized.


Twenty Harvard and Radcliffe students, as well as several high school students, are presently tutoring at the Cambridge Center. Remedial reading has been particularly emphasized.

A second settlement house, the Cambridge Neighborhood House, runs clubs for young people of various ages. Performers and counselors are needed at both centers, and Summer School students are invited to participate.