Tennis Tourney Nears Final Round

Mark Rose and Pedro Rossello will meet next week in the men's singles semi-finals of the Summer School Tennis Tournament. Rose is on the varsity tennis team at the University of Rochester, while Rossello, a student at Notre Dame, is a nationally ranked amateur from Puerto Rico.

Besides men's singles, the Summer School tournament includes men's doubles, women's singles and doubles, and mixed doubles.

Crane said all this summer's tournament games will be good spectator matches. He said the times and dates of the finals will be posted in the glass bulletin board of Matthews Hall.

Walter Moore, Richard Abromson and Marsh McCall have reached the quarter-finals in men's doubles, but matches among them to decide who will go to the semi-finals have not yet been scheduled.

The semi-finalists in men's doubles are: Abromson and Jim Wallach, Moore and Rose, and Bob Schrader and C. A. Trypanis. Trypanis is visiting professor of Greek Literature.


Deborah Camp beat Virginia Pratt to become a finalist in the women's singles division. Miss Camp will play against Lin Morss, who defeated Penny Kennedy in the semi-finals.

In the women's doubles quarter finals, the victors were Jane Rosenberg and Dave Rosenweig, Miss Morss and Karen Daltenborne, Miss Kennedy and Muriel Fitzgerald, and Belinda Burley and Marge Piner.

Four couples have reached the semi-finals in mixed doubles. They are: Dan Stebbins and Miss Morss; Mr. and Mrs. Marsh McCall; Andy Ingersoll and Anita Bridgeman; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunt.