Married Student Units Open for Occupancy

Sixty-five apartments composing the first section of the Married Students Housing complex will be opened for occupancy today, according to Henry H. Cutler '29, Manager for Taxes, Insurance, and Real Estate.

Thirty-six of the apartments, located in two low-rise buildings near Putnam Ave., have already been leased. They range from efficiencies to three bedroom suites, with rents varying from $100 to $175.

No Air-Conditioning


Although tenants moving in today may be more concerned about the heating system, they will learn by late spring that their apartments are not air-conditioned. Provisions have been made for single air-conditioning units, but these will be permitted only when a resident demonstrates a medical necessity for such ventilation.

Almost 500 apartments will be available when the complex is completed in the fall. Although no official application forms have been distributed for the uncompleted section, 300 inquiries have already been received. The University anticipates full occupancy of the entire complex by the end of the year.


The number of leases signed far exceeds predictions made last year, when a renting agent familiar with the Harvard housing situation predicted that the University would have difficulty renting more than half the units in the complex. At that time, many students said they would not move in because of the rent, "dormitory atmosphere," and small rooms.

Holyoke Center Progress

In another of the University's building projects, Phase 1B of Holyoke Center has been completed. A two-story structure on Holyoke St., it already houses the Personnel Office, previously located in Little Hall. The Phillips Book Store will move in this month, but no tenant has yet been designated for the remaining space.

In preparation for the construction of Phase 2, which will occupy the remainder of the block, demolition work on Dudley Hall has begun. Although no schedule has been set, Harold L. Goyette, the University Planning Officer, estimates that it will require about two years to complete the Center.