Shriver Will Speak Here in Spring

Harvard may be Sargent Shrivers "base of operations" when he visits Boston for a week's massive recruiting drive in early March.

Michael Shinagel, Peace Corps adviser, said yesterday that he and Dean Monro issued the invitation when Shriver's visit was made known last month. The Corps director will probably use Harvard as his "kickoff point," Shinagel said.

Shriver's office affirmed yesterday that Shriver will be giving an important speech at Harvard, but the topic of the talk has not yet been designated. According to Shinagel, Shriver has also been of offered the guest suite of Quincy House for his headquarters.

One of the major reasons for the recruitment tour, Shinagel said, is to improve the quality of Peace Corps applicants, "which seems to have declined since the inception of the Corps."

Harvard "Amazing"


A Peace Corps official recently commented that with the second highest Corps enrollment in the country, "Harvard continues to be amazing in terms of the high number of degree holders who enter the program."

Shinagel added that former Harvard students constitute more than one per cent of the Peace Corps program, which includes about 2,000 colleges. Eighty-two students of the College and graduate schools have worked in more than 20 countries during the three years since the Corps initiation.

Shinagel attributed the recent shift of interest from the African teaching programs to South American community development to President Kennedy's promotion of the Alliance for Progress.