Cliffies See Mysterious Flying Object Over Bertram, Differ On Description

A mysterious flying object--or objects--were sighted in the air about 100 feet above Bertram Hall last night. According to the reports of numerous phone calls to the CRIMSON, the object was yellowish, with a clear outline of oval "or egg shape, you might even say saucer shape."

Just after 10:30 p.m., it hovered in the sky above the south end of the Radcliffe Quadrangle for about six minutes, and then moved on further south, reported Susan N. Rosenthal '66.

Small groups of Moors Hall girls stood outside in the Quad waiting for the object to reappear. Some of those standing outside said the thing had had a red light in the middle; others said a blue light. Also among the original sighters were Susan B. Tepper '66, Kathryn D. Emmett '66, Judith A. Good-man '66, and Amy L. Delson '67.

When questioned by the CRIMSON, the bell girl in Barnard Hall confirmed the reports of a mysterious object. She thought there were seven, however.

June Henrich '65, of Gilman House, was unable to catch sight of the object and sorry about it. "Oh, I hope they haven't gone away," she said, explaining that she had never seen any flying saucers but was nevertheless quite ready to believe in them.

Nancy Moran '66, also investigating from Gilman House, stated that she had been too late to see the object in question, but that three little green men had jumped out of an unidentifiable space vehicle and snatched her purse.

The phone of the weather bureau at Logan Airport was tied up all evening.

The suggestion was advanced late last night that the whole thing might be some sort of "advertising" stunt.