Diamond Ring Lost At Mixer

Strange things happened at the Big Red Mixer at the Union Saturday night. Before the evening was over, a diamond ring valued at $800 and 12 wallets had been reported missing.

Barbara Jones, a freshman at Wheaton College, discovered that the ring was missing at about 9:30 p.m. She thinks she may have lost it while dancing the "monkey," but, a careful search after the dance failed to produce the ring.

Wallets Were Loose

The lost wallets had been lying loose or in purses on tables on the Union's second floor. Freshmen cleaning up after the dance found six of the missing wallets with money intact and three others with no money. The other three were never found.

Sylvester Wrenn, the University policeman on duty at the dance, attributed the loss of the wallets to inadequate protection. He estimated the crowd at 1200 and said, "There were too many people and not enough supervisors. Two men can't watch that many people."

Wrenn and a Cambridge officer were the only policemen on duty at the mixer.